Meet the Team

Dr. Theresa R. Peter was born and raised in a small northern Michigan town of Alpena. It was with these roots she spent a lot of time outdoors, connecting with nature and becoming a budding scientist. Her interests lead her to complete a Bachelor of       Science degree in Chemistry with a Math minor followed by working at Abbott as a research scientist. While at Abbott, she attended an Executive Master’s program from University of Michigan’s School of Public Health and has received a Master of Science degree in Industrial Health (Occupational and Environmental Health). After six years at Abbott, she started a family and has two beautiful girls who are now 14 and 16 years old. She took a hiatus from work to raise her girls until school age in which she continued her ever expanding interests in what makes us healthy, balanced and complete. During this time she became a Yoga Instructor (RYT 200) and a Reiki Master Teacher (hands on holistic healing art). Instead of going back to work in the private sector, Dr. Peter knew she needed to work one on one with people in order to truly impact one’s desire to reach their optimum health. She decided to achieve that means by furthering her studies at National University of Health Sciences and obtain her degree as a Chiropractic Physician. During those studies, she continued her focus on biochemistry, botanicals, pharmacology (to understand how to help those wanting to decrease their need for prescription medications) and nutrition. Dr. Peter is also certified in Acupuncture. With her experience and knowledge, she combines muscle testing with clinical diagnostic tests as needed, such as blood, urine, Hair Mineral Analysis, Saliva Hormone Testing (Bio-identical Hormone replacement therapy), Quantitative Iodine and Halide/Toxic Metal testing etc… She truly looks at her patients from a multidimensional approach and individualizes a treatment plan that would work best for their goals of optimum health.